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We are a local enterprise that takes immense pride in our affordable solutions for junk removal and our top-tier service. Miggie Haul's Junk Hauling offers a single call, same day guarantee, ensuring that once you choose to dispose of your clutter, we'll be on hand swiftly to whisk it away. We undertake tasks of any magnitude, provide no-obligation estimates, and offer specialized services to our local communities. In our quest to be environmentally responsible, we ensure all recyclable items are diverted from landfills.

From your initial contact via call or email to the moment our truck leaves your premises, you'll be pleased you chose Miggie Haul's Junk Hauling.

How We Make a Difference

Accumulation of unwanted items is an inevitable part of life. Often, you might find yourself with junk that can't simply be left on the curb for regular trash collection. This is where Miggie Haul's Junk Hauling steps in.

Miggie Haul's Junk Hauling is the only junk removal service you'll ever need. We are a full-service junk removal company committed to delivering the highest standard of service. Upholding our 'always on time' principle and offering five-star customer care, we guarantee an unparalleled experience.

Our seasoned, professional team communicates effectively, answers all your queries, and operates with utmost efficiency to ensure the process is as non-invasive as possible.

Residential Services

If your house or yard is full of unwanted items and you're wondering where to kick-off, Miggie Haul's Junk Haul is your answer. Identify the stuff you want removed, and we'll handle the rest. Our home junk removal services empower you to regain your space - whether it's your yard, garage, basement, or attic - and transform your home back into your peaceful sanctuary.

Commercial Services

All businesses, irrespective of their industry, tend to accumulate junk. Whether it's surplus office furniture, cubicles, outdated computers, or construction rubble, or even if you're preparing a rental unit for new tenants, One Call Junk Haul is at your service for all commercial waste removal needs. We accept tasks of all sizes, are fully insured, and provide free estimates. Our dedicated team ensures punctual arrival, thorough cleanup, and 100% satisfaction in hauling away all unwanted items.

  • Commercial Services

  • Contractors

  • Foreclosure Services

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Restoration Company Services

Additional Services

Check out these other professional services we offer.

  • Donations

  • Recycling

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Get Quote - Call or Text Now ! (818) 481-7280

Get Quote - Call or Text Now !

(818) 481-7280

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